Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN)

This page provides an introduction to GAIN and the organisations sponsoring it.

Further posts in this series will cover the Proof of Concept that is planned to take place during 2022, the technologies that underpin GAIN, the proposed global Trust Framework and assess GAIN’s potential to provide a global ecosystem for interoperable digital identity.

source: Nat Sakimura, OpenID Foundation

The initial objective of the GAIN initiative is to deliver a Proof of Concept for a high-trust Internet overlay that introduces an accountability layer to the internet even as it increases privacy and security.

The Proof of Concept is described in the GAIN Digital Trust White Paper, authored by over 150 experts in the field of identity management. This paper proposes a shift towards a user-centric and high-trust identity paradigm in which end-users ask trusted and regulated providers (e.g., their bank, telecommunications provider, or another regulated entity) to verify that they are the person and/or have the credentials that they claim. Rather than managing over 100 passwords, people will bring their identities with them and exercise greater control over data about them.

GAIN is a collaboration between 5 major players in the world of international finance and web development.

CSC is a global group of industry, government, and academic organizations committed to driving standardization of highly secure and compliant digital signatures in the cloud.

GLEIF makes available the Global LEI Index; i.e. the only global online source providing open, standardized and high quality legal entity reference data. LEI remains the industry standard best suited to providing open and reliable data for unique legal entity identification management.

IIF is the global association of the financial industry, with over 450 members from more than 70 countries. Its mission is to support the financial industry in the prudent management of risks; to develop sound industry practices; and to advocate for regulatory, financial and economic policies that are in the broad interests of its members and foster global financial stability and sustainable economic growth.

The OID Foundation is a non-profit international standardization organization of individuals and companies committed to enabling, promoting and protecting OpenID technologies

OIX is a technology agnostic, non-profit trade organization of leaders from competing business sectors focused on building the volume and velocity of trusted transactions online