7. Credential issuing in higher education

Yesterday, I watched a really great presentation by Evernym and Digitary on the issuing of digital credentials within the higher education sector.

The webinar, entitled ‘Enhancing Learner Mobility with SSI’ gives a fascinating overview of what self-sovereign identity means for higher education. In the presentation Digitary’s Takis Diakoumis (@takisd123) shows how SSI gives control and mobility to students by enabling them to instantly prove their educational achievements to prospective employers, financial institutions, and other universities.

Wouldn’t it be great if our professional bodies, such as BCS, CiiSec, ISSA or ISC2, supported our lifelong learning by issuing UK professional certifications in this modern, professional, digital and secure manner.

To get a better and more rounded understanding of SSI and Trust over IP I suggest you look up the following documents.

What goes on the blockchain by Andrew Tobin of Evernym

Sovrin™: A Protocol and Token for Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Trust

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